Melissa called this morning to give us some more info and to chat. She called the docters office on Friday to make her next appointment and to ask if she was going to get another ultra sound. They said that she was most likely going to have another ultra sound and they would tell her more on monday. Her next appointment is in April since all is going well with the pregnancy. We talked again about the type of adoption she wanted and I think that together we found a common ground that will be comfortable for all parties. She wants pictures and letters as the child grows and she said that we can call her anytime. Her family still doesn't know but here mom did make a comment about her gaining weight. She just wants to not deal with the opinions and isuue that might be rasied by her family so she is just going to stay away from them util this is all over. I told her how brave she was because I would never be able to pull that off with my family. We talked about the weather and she said that it is going to be very hot and very humid there in June, it's already in the mid 70's. We sent her a packet so she could see pictures of us and learn more about us. I want to get a picture of her too but Jason says that it doesn't matter. I doesn't but it still would be nice. I know she has brown hair and so does the birth father but she said that her children both have blond hair (she says that she keeps waiting for it to change). As for how things are progressing we are still waiting for a packet from her attorney an we have to get hings signed and payed for.