I called Melissa yesterday to talk and to make sure that she got the package we sent her. I was very surprised when she said she had not received it. So I called FedEx and they said that she had a rotweiler tied up in the front so they put the package on a car. How absolutely stupid is that?!?!? Well of course they are going to do a further check to see where the driver really did put the package. I am sure it is in the wrong persons hands now because of a scared dumb driver. Now some stranger knows our whole life story, that Melissa is putting a child up for adoption and has a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. Melissa said that in her neighborhood if a package was on a car it would not surprise her in the least if someone took it. Her neighbor has lived there a long time and his house has been broken into about 5 times. I can’t imagine living like that. It truly makes me appreciate the wonderful life I have. I could leave my garage door open and leave for hours and nothing would be touched.

We talked about the attorney again and he has still not called her back. I told her to call him again on Monday and that if she had not talked to him by Wednesday to call me and I will take care of it. I hope that I won’t have to deal with it or that Attorney is not going to have a good day!

We talked about how things will go when she goes into labor and at the hospital. She said “well I think y’all will want to be there from the start and that’s what I want”. I was so happy to hear this. We will be there on 6/28 so we might even get to take her to the hospital when she goes into labor and be with her the whole time. She said that would be nice and I totally agree. She asked us if we would mind taking care of or helping out with her girls while she is in the hospital and of course we said yes. We want to do anything to make it easier for her and also it’s not like we are going anywhere for awhile. She might call her cousin and tell her so that she can come to help but I think that would be a last resort.

We were hoping that she would get another ultra sound but alas she is not, unless something is wrong and we don’t want that. She said that she is not gaining much weight and that she doesn’t look as big as she thought she should be for as far along as she is. She was much bigger wit her other two. I asked how much she feels the baby kick and she said the baby is constantly kicking and moving so much. I love to get to talk to her about this stuff, it’s like I get to experience it too.