So, I'm going to be leaving Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield at the end of this week. Been working there for almost 11 months. I'll be traveling a lot on my new job. Tracy is planning to take off from work for at least the end of June through the end of August. She and I have discussed her & the baby travelling with me. She thinks that 2 weeks traveling and 1 week home sounds good. So far everyone we've talked to about this plan hates it, but noone can give me a good reason why. A few reasons I've heard so far are: Tracy will be bored while I'm at work, you shouldn't travel with a baby, and babies and planes don't do so well together.

Here's the answers to those concerns: Tracy and I both agree she won't be bored... She'll have a baby to look after, a pool, spa, weight room, TV, computer, and new city to explore. Why shouldn't you travel with a baby? Fear of losing the baby? Fear of germs? Because the baby won't know where it is? We'll check with a pediatrician before doing this, but if we can fly home from NC with a new born, I don't see why it'd be any different to travel to my work. Babies and planes often don't go well together, that is true. Benadryl helps babies sleep through the long flight and should wind up on the other side, untraumatized.

I have some concerns about getting reimbursed by FedEx. So far, I don't know of any case that I or anyone I know has been reimbursed by FedEx for damage or loss. I've had 3 packages that I've shipped get damaged during shipping and FedEx alway said it was due to inadequate packaging. I've also ordered something and had it get damaged and most of the contents fell out. They gave the same excuse. In that case, they might have been right. Never had a situation where the driver didn't technically deliver the package. So, they can't claim that it was inadequate packaging. FedEx only guarantees the contents of the envelope up to $100. So, not matter what, we're out some dollars. Hoping that doesn't include shipping costs.

We've decided that we're going to send Melissa a Visa gift card instead of a Walmart gift card next time. That way we can get it to her quicker (don't have to drive all the way to Walmart.) Tracy is going to make a new adoption portfolio packet.

I'm sending out the retainers for the lawyers this week. Seriously hoping that we get a large chunk of that back.