Well, the worst has happenned. Melissa backed out. We don't have many details. Here's what we know:
Thursday I got a call from our attorney. He said that he got a call from Melissa's attorney and he said that he could not represent her for "ethical" reasons. We tried to get ahold of her several times to find out what's going on. Never could. This afternoon we got a call from our attorney again. This time the news was much more grim. He said that he had received an email from the attorney in NC again. He said that Melissa called him today and told him to tell us that she decided to parent the child.

So, here's where we're at... Depressed, obviously. We've called the adoption agency in California to unfreeze our contract with them. Also, we contacted the agency that we were going through for Melissa and told them to start searching for us too.

So, on the bright side: We might end up with a boy (our preference, but not a big deal either way), won't have to travel so close to Tracy's birthday and 4th of July, no more payments for phone, electricity, mortgage, cars, or groceries (until we're matched again).

Down sides: More work and time to try to find a baby, depression (we really had our hopes up), might have to get rid of the baby clothes we bought already if it's not a girl, have to figure out if we can change our flights that we had already booked, and we already paid out $2000 for Melissa's expenses which we can't recover.

This will probably be the last posting until we get matched again.