No, I'm not talking about Episode 4 of Starwars. Tracy and I were chosen by a birth-mom. The baby is due within the next couple of weeks. We are trying to contain our excitement to some extent because of the previous times we've been bitten (once bitten, twice shy). The baby will be born in Southern California and is expected to be a boy. Tracy and I are planning to go to Southern Cal. in the next few days. We'll hopefully be there when the baby is born. Tracy has been invited to be in the delivery room. The single birth-mom has 2 sons and feels that she is resented by her older one because he doesn't know his father. The younger one does know his father. She doesn't want another child to resent her and miss out on having a dad.

Anyone who knows us, please keep your fingers crossed. We're not sure if we can deal with another major disappointment.