2/5/07 early afternoon - Southern California - A baby boy was born.

Tracy and Jason went to the hospital at 7AM to meet Lisa, the birth-mom. She was going to be induced into labor. We waited and waited, but the progress was slow. At about 12:30pm, we asked the nurses if they felt that we had time to grab some lunch. They said that it shouldn't be a problem, so we headed off to lunch. Just as we finished lunch and were trying to find some flowers to bring to Lisa, we got a call from Lisa's mom. The baby was coming and we needed to get back fast. We sped back to the hospital and Tracy made it to the delivery room with about 5 minutes to spare. Brayden was born just before 2pm.

The nurse came in to check on Brayden a couple hours after his birth and said that he wasn't breathing properly and that they'd need to take him to the nursery for closer observation. We were allowed to go visit him there any time. We spent a lot of time visiting him. He was hooked to a monitor to measure his breathing rate and his oxygen saturation level (SaO2). He had several episodes in which his SaO2 level got into sub-optimal levels and his feet turned blue. The doctor came in on 2/6/07 in the afternoon and diagnosed Brayden with pneumonia. He was immediately put on antibiotics and moved to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He spent the next few days in the NICU and we were allowed to continue to visit him, but the process was a little more involved. We had to scrub up and wear gowns.

A few days later he was making good progress and responding well to the meds. They moved him back into the nursery and continued to receive his meds. He continued to make good progress and 8 days after his birth, he was released from the hospital into our care. We're still waiting for some approvals to come back before we can officially complete the adoption. It could take up to 60 days (starting around January 31). During this time, Brayden is not allowed to leave California. We're hoping it won't take the full 60 days, but at this time it's looking like it might. Still, it's all worth it in the end. It looks like our dream will come true.