On Thursday, the last tribal letter came back which told us exactly what we already knew; Lisa's family/ancestors did not register with any tribes and thus they have nothing to say about whether we can adopt Brayden. So 40 days later, we're finally clear to sign paperwork and hopefully get Tracy and Brayden home. On Friday, Lisa signed her portion of the adoption paperwork and Saturday morning we drove to La Mirada and signed our portion of the paperwork. We were told that it would go out in Monday's (3/19) mail (overnight), but the adoption agency dropped the ball and it didn't go out until Tuesday (3/20). We've been told that the ICPC process with Oregon should go very quickly and we should expect a response within a day or two. Once that comes back, Tracy and Brayden will be clear to go home. We're hoping that will be by Friday so that they can be home this weekend.

Tracy is due to go back to work next week. We had no idea that the adoption process would take this long. It's been 54 days since Tracy has been home. We owe a big thank you to Sandy & Stu for letting Tracy and Brayden stay with them for at least 35 of those days. We also thank everyone who took care of our dog. Things may not have gone perfectly, but the important thing is that he got to live at home (didn't have to be boarded) and he survived. We'll work on the psychological damage when we get home. :-)

We hope to be posting a lot more photos soon; when the camera gets home.